60 Minutes (News Magazine Show)

Forrest Sawyer

Forrest Sawyer

Autumn was just beginning in Davenport, Iowa when 60 Minutes first aired on September 24th.  And, anyone who was born after September 23, 1968 can confidently say, “There is one television show which has been on for my entire lifetime.”  That show is “60 Minutes.”  And, I’m not gonna lie, “I used to have the biggest crush on 60 Minutes Correspondent, Forrest Sawyer.”  I fondly remember that my parents would turn on 60 Minutes every Sunday.  And, starting in the late 1970’s, I would watch the show with them.  My parents liked that I watched it.  Because none of their other kids took an interest in world events at such a young age.  Little did they know that I was merely watching the show so that I could gawk at Forrest.  But, the interesting thing is (and no offense to Forrest), I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking back then!  I mean, he isn’t physically appealing to me in the same way that Matt Dillon is!  Looking back, I think it was Forrest’s broadcasting voice that I was really enamored with.  Makes sense to me!



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