I was living in Syracuse, New York when Steven Spielberg released Jaws on June 10, 1975.  The movie is regarded as the world’s first blockbuster film;  grossing $470 million in sales.  Part of what led to its’ success was the fact that Jaws was the first film to excessively advertise on television.  So, movie commercials became the norm;  because it was so lucrative when it was used for the Jaws franchise.  The thing I’ll always remember about Jaws is that haunting sound, in the flick, when the Great White was getting ready to chomp on some human flesh.  What bothers me is that Steven Spielberg has single-handedly made me terrified of sharks.  To this very day, I won’t step foot into the ocean.  And, after learning that sharks now migrate into rivers, readers won’t find me in any body of water except a pool, a hot tub, or a bath tub!  While I know that Jaws is one of the best films, ever, I think it’s unfortunate that the movie has contributed to people’s fears/phobias of sharks.  Statistically, there were only 11 deaths due to shark attacks in 2000!  I think that many people were eaten alive in the 124 minutes of the Jaws flick!

#1 song when Jaws came out:

Thank God I’m a Country Boy


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