Do People Still Use Paper Maps?

Chicken Soup Brigade, Jeep Cherokee, Paper MapThis photo is from December of 1994, and was taken in my Jeep Cherokee.  Man, I loved my Jeep Cherokee.  The car belonged to my partner’s best friend, James, who passed away from AIDS in February, 1994.  James’ death sent my other half into a sustained depression.  We both felt that James’ memorial service was sadder than it should have been, because no one from his family attended.  Granted, his family was in Texas, and he was in Washington State.  Nevertheless, family is supposed to be family, right?!  At any rate, after James’ death, I bought the Cherokee from his widower, David.  So, the vehicle had a lot of sentimental value, as well as being a kick ass car.  Anyhow, in this image, I am sitting in the passenger seat, pretending to look at a map.  The guy in the driver’s seat is a co-worker.  This photo was snapped so that it could be put in a flyer for Chicken Soup Brigade.  Chicken Soup Brigade was a non-profit that took care of Seattle’s AIDS population.  I was supposed to be depicting the client/patient, and the driver was the volunteer/helper.

#1 Song on 12/12/94 was “On Bended Knee.”


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