TrainTrain formed, as a band, in 1994.  But, I wasn’t aware of them until their breakout hit, “Drops of Jupiter,” which came out in 2002.  It was a beautiful alternative rock ballad, singing about the passing of the lead singer’s (Patrick Monahan) mother.  Being a momma’s boy of a head injured mother, the lyrics moved me, and I grew to love the song.  But, by the end of 2002, I was tired of it.  It had to be the most played song of that year.  And then, I came to the conclusion that Train was nothing more than a band with a one hit wonder.  But, I was wrong.  They followed up with 2003’s adult contemporary hit, “Calling All Angels.”  The song is played every time the Los Angeles Angels play a baseball game.  Later that year, they released the rock hit, “All American Girl.”  Train has gone on to release more hits.  But, they really WOWED me with the 2010 release of, “Hey, Soul Sister.”  I swear it’s the best roots rock song to come out in decades.  It’s an instant classic.  Bottom line is:  Train has released enough music to make them one of my favorite bands of the new millenium.  I’d like to see them in concert!


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