Hippo Chips

Hippo Chips at The Club Hippo in Baltimore, MarylandI found another relic while rummaging through boxes.  It is a Hippo Chip.  Hippo Chips were given out whenever someone purchased a pass to the dance side of The Hippo Nightclub.  Once a certain amount were accumulated, the chips could be redeemed for a free ticket to dance.  Man, The Hippo ruled my ass from 4/91 – 10/92 (up until the time I moved to Seattle).  I was there at least 4 nights a week, often staying till the ugly lights came on at closing time.  My BFF’s, back then, consisted of 3 lesbians.  We’ll call them Stevie Nicks, Frenchie, and Loyola.  Stevie Nicks took me to my first gay bar.  I was with her when I did my first slow dance with a guy.  I was so nervous.  The song was “More Than Words,” and it felt like the prom dance I never had in high school.  Stevie Nicks would often sit at the bar, grab a napkin, and render an image of someone at the nightclub (usually a cute guy).  Then, she’d show the sketching to the person, and I’d flirt with the dude the rest of the night.  Frenchie and I often played pool together.  We weren’t that good.  But, I guess we were just extremely confident.  Because we’d perform the most outlandish moves, and the ball would travel (at a snail’s pace across the table), knocking in our target.  We’d control that billiard’s table at the astonishment of the more experienced players.  Some were so arrogant that they wouldn’t shake our hands, once the game was over.  I can’t say that I blamed them;  because it was clear that we had a lot of luck on our side.  Loyola was my primary dance partner;  because Stevie Nicks and Frenchie didn’t dance as much.  I can remember tearing up the floor to:  “Emotions,” “Unbelievable,” “Strike it up,” and “Good Vibrations.”  Wow!  The four of us had so much fun.  It’s amazing how the discovery of a Hippo Chip could conjure up so many great memories.



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8 responses to “Hippo Chips

  1. Anonymous

    Another bmore relic – oh I miss dancing on your speakers lol

    A post shared by tara (@tara_gee) on

    im in 🙂 i want a red one! lol


  2. gee

    im in!

    Another bmore relic – oh I miss dancing on your speakers lol

    A post shared by tara (@tara_gee) on

    lol i want a red one! 🙂


  3. gee

    whoops sorry – i was just trying to link a pic of my old hippo chip i also stumbled across 🙂 saying i was also reminiscing and ready to head to teh hippo to cash in my chip 🙂


  4. Don’t remember there being a yellow one! About what year was that, do you think? 🙂


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