Public Art – Bel Air, Maryland

After so many years in Seattle, I’ve become accustomed to walking everywhere.  I’m doing the same thing in Bel Air, Maryland.  But, sometimes, I’m the only dude who is on the sidewalk.  Probably 99% of Bel Air’s residents drive.  People see me walking everywhere.  I know this because they tell me when I see them in person.  They always say something along the lines of, “if you ever need a ride, let me know, because it’s hot outside.”  I try to explain to them that I enjoy walking, getting the exercise, a suntan, and exploring the town.  Because the thing is, it’s easier to see all the small things, in one’s environment, when walking (as opposed to driving).  Like today, when I discovered this brand new art piece (across from Looney’s Pub and adjacent to The Hays House):Sculpture in Bel Air, Maryland


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