Rocks State Park

Kilgore Falls at Rocks State Park Harford County Maryland

Photo from Life in the suburb of Bel Air, Maryland because my scenic images didn’t turn out so hot!

Today, I got a glimpse of what my 25 year reunion will probably be like.  Because a high school friend held a homecoming/birthday party.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect:  low 80’s, sunny with a few spurts of clouds, and low humidity (for the middle of summertime in Maryland).  The setting, for the gathering, was Rocks State Park:  a densely forested partyland, set on 855 acres, with massive boulders (the most famous boulders are called, “The King and Queen Seats) rising above Deer Creek (which is popular for fishing and tubing).  Now, I stated earlier that this was a homecoming/birthday party, and the host had pleaded that, “The best gift you can give my child is to grace her with your presence, at my party.”  Well, everyone did show this child, and all the kids, lots of loving.  But, we also brought gifts.  I mean, come on!  It’s a kid, and a child is gonna want toys!  Anyhow, once the gifts were given and the candles blown on the cake, the designated-drinking adults got down to some serious carousing (while the birthday child generously shared her gifts with the rest of the kids, and some of the designated-driving parents).  And Rocks State Park turned out to be a suitable setting for partying.  Because that’s exactly what we used the grounds for, back in the 80’s (before we were even old enough to buy alcohol).  And, from what I saw today, people still go there to imbibe, while soaking up some rays, or playing volleyball, or trekking the trails up to the King and Queen Seats (to get a bird’s eye view of the rolling pastures of the manure-filled hills of Harford County, while smoking a bowl of kind bud – “Oh Wait!  I’m flashing back to the 1980’s, cuz I don’t smoke weed, anymore; and the rolling hills have been replaced by subdivisions).  Anyhow, throughout all the drinking and walking of the park trails, I caught up with old friends.  Everyone looked the same (just grown-up versions of their high school selves).  Lots of nostalgic conversating took place (some things I remembered;  other things I didn’t recall at all).  There was laughter in between sips of alcohol, while the sun battered its’ way through our SPF 15 sunscreens (my poor shaved head).  Then, one-by-one, people picked up their garbage and chairs, packed up their cars and kids, and went home.  And from what I can see, about half of the party-goers posted images on Facebook (before they most likely collapsed into bed, realizing that they can’t party like it’s 1984, and not feel consequences when rolling outta bed, the next day).



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4 responses to “Rocks State Park

  1. T-Spot

    Rocks, rocked!


  2. Elizabeth

    I thought of you guys all day today. Glorious weather and sooooooo very glad you all had a nice time and were able to get together!!! I realize I don’t really know any of you all that well, even in highschool, but you all are very memorable to me and I remember you all well. Thanks for posting the pics!


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