Addictive Hobbies

My first, real, hobby was reading.  Up until about the age of 9, I would go through 100’s of books in a summer.  In fact, during the summer that I turned 7, I participated in a reading contest.  At the beginning of that summer, I went around the neighborhood and got parents to pledge me.  Most sponsored like 10 cents a book, but some said they’d pay me a dollar a book.  Well, at the end of the summer, I read a hundred-some-odd books (don’t remember the exact number, anymore, been too many years).  And when it came time to collect my money, I encountered a lot of angry neighbors.  Some accused me of fibbing.  I remember one Mom who had pledged $1 per book, saying, “How long were these booksLike 12 pages each?!”  I tried to tell her that the shortest book was 96 pages, but she was too busy hollering at my mom on the phone.  Oh, what a mess all of that was, cuz of my addiction for reading!  Anyhow, my love for reading was quickly replaced by model-building.  Man!  What model didn’t I build?  I constructed airplanes, boats, tanks, cars, trucks, submarines, The Star Trek Enterprise, Star Wars stuff, aircraft carriers, etc.  And all of my models were on display, on shelves, above my bed.  My passion for painting small objects, sniffing modeling glue (just kidding), and carefully placing decals on plastic came to a screeching halt when I hit my teen years.  Because MTV hit the airwaves, and it was the 1980’s (which meant great music)!  And back in those days they actually played endless videos, with no commercials.  Yes, commercials eventually started appearing, but it was still non-stop music.  And I was truly addicted to watching music videos.  I would get all of my homework done so that my parents wouldn’t fuss over me being mesmerized with the televison.  In college, I became hooked on live shows.  And man, it was a great time to be going to clubs.  Because it was just before the whole grunge scene became mainstream.  I was fortunate to see all the great artists (of the grunge era) perform at local dives, long before they started selling out at the big arenas, and were plastered all over the radio stations.  What a great time those days were.  And I’m sure that I’ll still be bragging about the good ‘ol days when I’m convalescing in a nursing home.  At any rate, while in graduate school, watching the news became my biggest addiction (particularly CNN).  I watched every story, 24/7, all the way up to September 11th.  Then, it became sensory overload, and I stopped watching any news.  In my 30’s, I became enamored with blogging.  I had 2 blogs.  One was a political blog, and the other was a personal blog.  I really got into my political blog.  I kept plugging away, on it, for a decade.  The vitriol of the Obama campaign caused me to close up shop.  It just got way too mean on the net.  My personal blog served its’ purpose.  But it, also, got shut down after a few years of writing.  As anyone can see, I clearly still blog (right here on LMAO@Life), but the amount I invest into writing is way less than it was on previous incarnations.  That might change (who knows), as I’ve only been writing on this site for a couple of months (after a nearly 2 year blogging hiatus).  Honestly though, my biggest addiction (at this point in time) is Facebook.  I love it!  It has allowed me to reconnect with so many great people from my past.  It also serves as another outlet to keep updated on the daily activities of people who currently play an intricate role in my life.  However, like all hobbies (especially online activities) there are some negative aspects.  Anyhow, I’m back, almost a year later, to talk about search engines.  This entry has become popular because of the Nirvana picture.  It seems that readers come upon this entry simply because they searched for pictures of Nirvana!  Well, also take some time and read my story!


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