Facebook, The New Obituary

Through Facebook, I learned that someone from high school had died (cancer).  I didn’t really know her.  I mean, we never had a class together, and I don’t think we even spoke one word, to one another, during those four years that we shared.  But, we had such a small class that all of us knew each other, on some level.  Anyhow, she’s the third person to die in our class.  The other two didn’t even make it to 21-years-of-age.  At any rate, it’s sad to see people posting about her on Facebook.  While all of us are in our 40’s, it’s still young!  And the thought of death seems like something which we should only be pondering about 30 years from now.  At that point in time, if Facebook is still around, I guess our updates would be less about our daily activities, and would serve more of a purpose of a death notice (to our friends)!  After that grim thought, I’m signing off!  Well, I’m back on this entry, many months later, to talk about search engines.  This posting has been very popular.  But, it’s not because of it being about Facebook, or obituaries.  What brings readers to this post is the picture which accompanies this entry.  At the time that I typed this story, I did a web search for an image that matched my mood.  I typed in, very sad image.  The above photo was the first I found when I went a-searching.  Interestingly, the search words very sad wallpaper has brought a lot of views, to this story.  I know!  I know!  I’m a geek!  But, I felt a need to share all of this useless information about search engines.


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