Which Celebrity Resembles You?

John Malkovich

The first time that I recall someone saying that I looked like a celebrity was in the early 1980’s.  Numerous people began stating, “You look like James J. Bullock” (who played ‘Monroe‘ on the television comedy, “Too Close for Comfort”).  As with most celebrities that I’ve been told I resemble, I didn’t really see what people were talking about.  Anyhow, in the 1990’s, people started saying, “You look like John Malkovich!”  I always rolled my eyes because I didn’t see any similarities, whatsoever.  But the funny thing is, now that he’s bald, all these decades later, and I shave my head, I can see quite a resemblance!  So, maybe people were right???  Anyhow, in the late 90’s, I got quite used to the short-cropped, electric shear cut.  I kept this look going from about 1993 up until June of 2010, when I started shaving my head.  Interestingly, this type of hair style always got people saying, “I know this sounds funny, but you look like Jamie Lee Curtis.”  I always laughed, but couldn’t help agreeing that I did look like that woman!  I know, I know….a woman, right?!  At any rate, which celebrity are you told that you resemble?


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