It Gets Better Project

In the early to mid 1990′s, I worked as a Case Manager for an organization called, The Chicken Soup Brigade.  It was a non-profit which provided services (food delivery, homecare, transportation) to people living with AIDS.  A fundraising component of Chicken Soup Brigade was Seattle’s Gay Bingo;  and it was often hosted by Dan Savage.  Of course, I always saw him doing the bingo show in drag.  So, the first time I encountered him outside of work, I had no idea who he was!  Anyhow, some may know him for his advice column, Savage Love.  What I most respect him for is a cause he started in 2010 called, “It Gets Better Project.”  In case a blog reader doesn’t know, It Gets Better Project is an advocacy group for gay kids (friend it on Facebook).

Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” – Benjamin Disraeli


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