Trying To ‘Wow’ The Old Folks With Technology

On Christmas, we were glancing at the television while all of us were conversating.  At some point, my mother’s companion/caretaker said, “This Christmas parade says that it’s in Hollywood.  But, they’re all wearing jackets and hats.  It’s gotta be in NYC.”  So, I went to google (on my phone) and searched the weather for Los Angeles.  Turns out it was unseasonably cool.  My mom’s companion/caretaker became mesmerized over how I could find this information through my phone.  That made me very happy.  Because my intention was to show him how useful and easy a cell phone could be.  I want him to use one so that the rest of the family can stay better connected with our mom.  I mean, when they (mom/companion) made the 3 hour drive for Christmas, they were an hour and a half late.  This made all of us a little concerned.  And since they refuse to carry or use a cell, none of us could check in on their status.  Anyhow, I started taking pictures with my phone.  I showed them to him.  I pulled out the keyboard on my phone and typed a short text message that described the picture that I just took.  Then, I sent it all as an update on Facebook.  He was astounded.  So, I went to Facebook to show him the comments people were making on the photos I’d just taken and uploaded to Facebook.  Then he asked me, “How much does all of this service cost a month?”  I told him, “Exactly $47.40 a month, which includes unlimited text, phone, long distance, internet, and data.”  I thought I had him sold on the whole cell phone thing.  So, I handed him the phone and told him that I wanted him to have it;  that it would make it easier to stay connected.  But unfortunately, he just laughed (nervously), and declined.


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