Seattle Skyline

While I may’ve  grown up in a smalltown, and currently reside in that same smalltown, I am most definitely a city person.  And, I can’t think of a better way to start this recurring theme, about skylines, than to talk about Seattle (a city which I’ve spent most of my adult life).  Now, I’m not talking about living within a metropolitan region!  Because I currently live in a town within Baltimore’s metro area.  I’m talking about the fact that I love living, smack dab, within the hustle and bustle of downtown (that’s where I resided most of the years that I lived in Seattle).  A city’s core is so alive with culture and people (and I love it)!  As far as skylines go, Seattle is consistently in the top rankings of the world’s best skylines.  And it’s no wonder;  because not only is it chock-full of tall buildings, but it also has a magnificent setting (mountains and water):

Just after sunset from Kerry Park

It felt like being in the center of the world, and I felt like I was a witness to history and I knew that the whole world was watching on television.  So, I could feel the collective consciousness of the world focused on this little strip of land called Seattle.” –  Krist Novoselic


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