Life Lesson, #2

“A working guy has no time for frivolous issues.”

I’ve found that the easiest way, for me, to forgive is that I gotta truly understand him/her, so that I can sincerely feel sorry for him/her.  But, when it comes to forgiveness, sometimes (based on my life experience) it’s better that he never knows that he’s forgiven.  Not out of cruelty, or because of some petty grudge.  But, because he honestly thinks he’s done nothing wrong!  It’s inexplicable.  And what blog lurker needs that kinda drama?  I guess I wouldn’t mind delving into the stirring pot if I had enough free time to take on such an endeavor.  Even if I did have it, in my life’s journey, it hasn’t been worth it.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  In the short term, a fake apology (letting a megalomaniac think that everything’s my fault) tends to smooth things over.  But, it has never lasted for very long.  Because, “the truth has always set me (and everyone else) free.” – John 8:32

“You lost me at inexplicable.”


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