Life Lesson, #3

Charlie Sheen

Good Afternoon!  It’s me, Mark Whitecotton, and I’m ranting a little bit, today!  I swear that I’m not being moralistic, BUT, Charlie Sheen needs to pull it together.  His life (right now) makes me think of something my 6th grade teacher once said (to our class), many decades ago:  “If everyone is having a problem with you, then it’s most likely you who has the problemThe whole world can’t be against you.”  Mr. King Baby Syndrome is hurting a lot of people.  Then again, ultimately he truly is only hurting himself.  Because the whole world’s moving onto more important things, while he stays stuck on drugs.  And it’s a damned shame.  Because he has single-handedly ruined the crush I’ve had on him since 1986.  Over a 25 year period, he’s gone from What I Want In A Guy, to exactly What I DON’T Want In A Guy!  Oh well!  So, eat your heart out, Charles.  Because I got me plenty of other crushes!  Anyhow, it’s old news to announce that Ashton Kutcher has replaced Charlie on Two and a Half Men.  But, what is hot off the press (as of 6/28/11) is that Charlie’s signed a deal for a much raunchier show (based on his trainwreck-of-a-life).  I’ll probably check it out.  I mean, the loser is pretty damned funny!

You never know when you are doing something that is affecting
someone.” – Martin Sheen

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One response to “Life Lesson, #3

  1. Michele

    “Winning” ! I can’t stand that word now ~ I have visions of Charlie Sheen dumping into the Pacific ocean and getting eat’n by a Great White !

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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