Life Lesson, #4

“Sleeping is how I deal with his moodiness.” – Cino

I know a few people (including myself) sometimes wished that my Dad would’ve started drinking again.  Well, because he was a sober grump. But, when he drank, he was the life of the party.  Bless his heart.  I miss my Dad.  I can’t believe he’s been gone for as long as he has.  The interesting thing is, some people wish I still smoked.  Seems that I’m a bit of an ex-smoking grouch.  Sorry, My Bad!  Anyhow, what really surprised me is panic attacks.  I’ve had about a dozen of them since I quit smoking.  I guess I’ve got bad nerves?  And apparently, smoking calmed me down!  So, now I’m searching for newer and healthier ways to keep myself relaxed.  If I don’t figure something out, I might have to resort to valium (and I’d rather not do that)!  Fingers crossed!


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