The Tower – Bel Air, Maryland

When I got to The Tower, I got a pitcher to split with my friend…..I thought it was gonna be the standard pitcher (3-4) beers split between us…..Instead, it was a miniature keg that contained 10 beers…..It was way more than we had planned on drinking…..But, we finished all of it….(in this picture, I am pouring another beer).

One of my goals, now that I live in Bel Air (again), is to hit all of the clubs.  Not because I’m a party animal!  It’s simply due to the fact that I’d like to find the perfect hangout for those times when I feel like being out and about on the town.  So, last night, I went to The Tower.  It’s a place I’m very familiar with, but under a different name (The Red Fox).  The Red Fox was an upscale restaurant.  I last ate there in 1982, for a Sadie Hawkins Dance.  At some point, after I left this area, it changed hands and became The Tower.  Anyhow, my first impression was very favorable.  Simply because the bar was full of an older crowd (people around my age).  It was karaoke night.  There were no standout singers, but everyone had a great time, banging out songs.  And the crowd was very respectful, clapping for everyone.  Well, I’m glad that my friend dragged me to this bar.  I was hesistant.  Because it’s a straight bar in a conservative county.  But, I felt welcomed!


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