Life Lesson, #5

In the business world, it would be shady to go through a competitor’s rolodex (do people even use them anymore?), and contact all of their clients.  And I’m learning that it’s equally wrong to troll someone’s Facebook friends, in an effort to score a date.  And, it turns out that a middle-aged guy friend, of mine, has been doing that.  He’s been going through my friend’s list in order to send flirty emails to my much younger lady friends.  Man!  Talk about mortifying!  The interesting thing is that he’s not like that off of the internet!  He’s a genuine and decent guy, offline.  But, I’m learning that some people just don’t act like themselves when they log online!  Hell!  I’ve checked out people on Facebook numerous times.  But, I’ve never hit on strangers by way of Facebook.  However, I have emailed friends to ask questions about someone I’ve found attractive.  But, that’s the thing about the internet.  It’s like the wild west.  There are no rules.  Etiquette and standards just seem to come along by way of trial and error.  Maybe someone should write an internet etiquette book for dummies?


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