Imperfect Justice

66 people (spectators) are allowed into the courtroom, for Casey Anthony’s trial, everyday.  Thousands have flocked, from all over the country, and line up at the door, every morning, in the hopes of getting a seat in the room!  That’s just weird to me!  The media has made quite a circus of this murder case.  Afterall, the death of a child is unspeakable.  But, what does it say about us, as people, that folks are taking off work just to be a part of all of this?  I mean, she’s not the only person who’s ever been accused of hurting a child.  Why’s she so special?  Ick!  I had to revisit this post, to let people know that readers are finding this story by keying-in Casey Anthony Nipples & Casey Anthony Naked, into their search engines.  On LMAO@Life, no one will ever find her nude.  In fact, I, Mark Whitecotton, the author of this blog, don’t post naked pictures, of anyone, on this site!  Well, I’m back on this post on the 4th of July.  I’ve been glancing at the trial’s closing arguments.  And I’ve clearly watched too much Law & Order.  Because the state prosecutor’s speech is way more boring than anything I’ve ever seen on television shows!  At any rate, I guess it’s just a matter of days until we know the verdict.  Hmmmm…..not even a matter of days!  On 7/5/11, the jury found her not guilty of murder.  The interesting thing is that I haven’t encountered one single person who is pleased with this outcome.  What’s that say about our judicial system?  And what really happened to Caylee Anthony?  And who is culpable for her death?  Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some cable network creating a reality show for Casey Anthony;  or to see her in the centerfold of Playboy, someday.  Because, I just don’t see her disappearing out of the limelight.  For she seems to have a knack of making her daughter’s death all about herself, and that’s just sickening!

Caylee Anthony 8/9/05 - 6/16/08



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2 responses to “Imperfect Justice

  1. sophie

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in the same building as this witch, let alone the same room. Yuck. I like her as far away from me as possible.


  2. Tracy

    I liked to think that some, maybe most ~ I prefer to be a Polyanna about it ~ weren’t there to watch Casey but there to silently lend a voice in a visual way to Caylee. Most of this circus hasn’t even mentioned her name. The defense refused to refer her remains as anything but remains, those little bones, that those amazing CSI’s and OSCO Crime Lab techs dug through the muck and the swamp and snakes, finding all but a few fingers and toes, belonged to a vibrant, bright, trusting almost 3 year old child named Caylee. Casey wanted to be front and center and she’s probably glad she did what she did and waited 3 years sitting in solitary, it must be all worth it now ~ beaming in the limelight ~ going to be on Geraldo. Well I guess God will have his say in time, but for now I’m still standing quietly for Caylee. This was after all supposed to be her moment, her justice. Wish everyone would just start referring to Casey and Caylee’s Mom. That would drive her crazy fast, who knows she might even kill again, get caught, get judged guilty and spend her days sitting in a cell, or better yet duct taped and dumped in a swamp, the highest honor the Anthony Clan can bestow on a good pet, I mean child, I mean pet, damnit which did they say….


  3. she didnt kill her own child. it was an accident and her and others (boyfriend) tried to cover it up so they wouldnt be guilty of neglect. She got in over her head and prosecutors lied as they usually do. Sorry for your loss. I would marry you Casey and give you a good life if i had the chance…screw everybody. haters. Mostly ugly fat domineering controlling women who dont have a life.


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