I’m So Tired Of Hearing About His Weiner

carlos-danger.My goodness!  I’m on quite a blog binge, with this being the day’s second entry.  But, when it comes to news, there just seems to be so much to talk about right now.  It pretty much started with the story of the yearOsama’s death.  Then news popped up about Don Lemon coming out of the closet, and about the dude predicting the end of the world, and the scare over cell phones and cancer, and the Casey Anthony madness, and the whole Florida drug testing thing.  Truth be told, writing about news/politics is way out of my comfort zone.  I prefer to stick with writing about music and crushes (and being funny;  even when writing about more personal things).  Plus, I write the way that I speak, which is a much more casual blogging style than what I think web surfers expect (when searching for news stories).  Because, even when I’m spitting out helpful facts, my stylized writing comes across (in my opinion) as dumbing-down the information.  Despite all of this, I can’t help but talk about Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner’s Twitter Picture

All the talk about his penis being shown to women on twitter is truly working on my last gay nerve!  A high school friend summarized it best, on her Facebook page:  “Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather hear news about what job creation bills are being put forth, when all of the violent conflicts are going to end, and what we’re doing to make sure all Americans are at a point where they are able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness instead of hearing more about another male politician’s poor decision as to where to put his penis.  Show’s over, folks…let’s get back to work.”  Well, here we are on the 16th of June, and Weiner is resigning.  I feel badly for his pregnant wife.  Then again, she’s the aide to Hillary Clinton.  So, it’s possible that the baby could be Hillary’s spawning.  Just kidding, folks.  I’m actually a huge fan of Hillary!  Anyhow, hopefully this will be the end of weiner-talk.  But, I’m sure people will still surf the net for naked pictures of Anthony Weinter.  Readers won’t find me doing that (he isn’t my type)!  And while I find this whole situation very tragic, I couldn’t help but laugh when a heckler blurted, at his news conference, “Are you bigger than 7 inches?”

Well, it is 2 years later (09/10/13), and I’m back to update everyone on America’s most popular train wreck (Anthony Weiner):

Sydney Leathers, Weinerizer, Carlos Danger


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