In Honor of Clarence

I was 7 years old when Bruce Springsteen emerged onto mainstream radio with, “Born to Run.”  Regardless of how young I was, I immediately recognized the song to be a musical masterpiece, and an instant classic.  But, he seemed to disappear after Born to Run was released in 1975.  I don’t recall hearing from him again until “Hungry Heart” came out in the early 80’s (he was around, but I was too young to be into underground music.  If it wasn’t played on the Top 40 radio station, then I wasn’t aware of it).  Man, how I loved Hungry Heart!  They always played it at Skateland, and I’ll forever associate it with that memory.  Then a few years later, Bruce went big-time with his album, Born in the USA.  Honestly, Bruce Springsteen, also known as The Boss, is (in my humble opinion) one of the most talented singer-songwriters of all time.  But, he doesn’t perform as a solo artist.  He sings with a group of musicians called, the E. Street Band.  All of the members of that band are talented in their own right.  And, unless readers are living under a rock, then I’m sure people are aware that Clarence Clemons died (saxophonist for the band).  And, in honor of Clarence, I’m posting the below YouTube video of Dancing in the Dark, from the Born in the USA album:

I chose Dancing in the Dark because it has a great sax solo, in it, by Clarence Clemons.  Dancing in the Dark was pretty much considered an alternative song when it hit the airwaves.  It may be hard for listeners to determine today, but the record was way ahead of its’ time, when it was released.  Now, Springsteen’s career didn’t die after the epic Born in the USA album came out.  He went on to great success with Brilliant Disguise, Streets of Philadelphia, Secret Garden, The Rising (which is a tribute to 9/11), and Girls in their Summer Clothes.  I have a feeling he’ll be around for many years to come, and that’s just fine with me!


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