Life Lesson, #6

A lot of straight people seem to believe that all gays get along with each other.  It’s similar to the logical fallacy that many Whites think about African-Americans banding together, simply because they’re Black.  It doesn’t work like that, folks.  Honestly, I get along with very few gay men.  I can date them.  But, having them as friends is a completely different story (especially if they’re a queen).  I mention all of this because I recently had a run-in with two queens.  I used to work with them (they’re partnered).  The one co-worker decided that he didn’t like me because I didn’t flirt with him.  Well, I didn’t flirt with him because he was married to another man (not to mention that I didn’t find him attractive).  Anyhow, when they caught wind of my new job, they went to my future employer and tried to sway them from hiring me.  It didn’t work.  But, what a shitty thing to do to someone!  Clearly, just because we share a commonality of orientation doesn’t mean that gays can’t be assholes to their own kind.


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