If one is a Baltimorean, and has never attended Artscape, then he/she should turn in his/her Hon Card.  I’m not joking.  Because it is the largest free arts festival in America.  There’s live performances by big artists (like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, in past years), and a variety of visual and performing media.  Plus, many of Baltimore’s greatest restaurants set up concession stands (there’s some great food, in this city, for every palate).  I guarantee that visitors will have a field day, while browsing through all the items made by working artisans.  At any rate, it’s held in July, and brings in about 350,000 visitors (each year, since 1982).  I love to go and people watch!  My favorite Artscape event is the parade of cars, which are decorated in the most creative ways!  Anyhow, I’m not saying that locals should attend every year!  But, a native ought to go (at least) once, in his/her lifetime!


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