Mark Whitecotton? That Name Sounds Fake!

Mark Whitecotton

When I was a little boy, all the kids used to tease me by singing, “Here comes Peter Cottontail!  Hopping down the bunny trail.”  Being a stubborn lad, I never let on that any of the mocking bothered me in the least!  I just would wait until I got home, and would cry to my parents.  But, such is the curse of having an unusual name like Mark Whitecotton.  Anyhow, when I got into my teens, people stopped singing that sophomoric bunny trail song, when referencing my last name.  They opted, instead, to just simply laugh in my face.  Nowadays, whenever someone learns my last name, they usually say something along the lines of, “What are you in witness protection, or something, cuz that name sounds fake?”  It’s all good, though.  I’m a big boy, and I’ve pretty much heard it all (when it comes to my last name).  Well, I thought I’d heard it all until I googled my last name.  Much to my surprise, Mark Whitecotton has quite a negative image in web searches (a co-worker tipped me off to what lies on the net).  It leaves me scratching my head, thinking, “What the hell is up with all of this?”  I mean, are these internet people talking about me, or another Mark Whitecotton?  These people are complete strangers to me.  If I know them, offline, they’ve clearly not made their online persona known to me.  But, I don’t think I even know them.  Because they live in places like Arizona & California (and it’s clear that these bloggers are all friends, online & offline).  And some of the things they state, about me, are downright untrue:  I’m bat-shit crazy, a pathological liar, an online stalker, author of numerous blogs under different aliases!  Really?!?!  People who know me offline would definitely dispute those character assassinations!  I’d dare say that folks would define me as:  kind, honest, funny, creative, educated, hard-working, law-abiding, and nice.  I guess that’s just the nature of the world we live in today?  One’s reputation can be slandered in just a few keystrokes.  I just hope that these anonymous, internet people come to their senses and delete that garbage (about me).  But, if they don’t, I’m confident that people, who really know me, will realize that those people don’t know anything about my character!  However, if they are blogging about me, and I’ve somehow (I don’t know how) pissed them off, then I hope that someday they’ll act like adults, and handle it in a way which doesn’t leave myself and people who know me (and have read that crap) creeped out (as to what kind of a person would waste their time trashing the name of someone they clearly don’t know).  I’ve even thought about going to court and having their words deleted from search engines.  And, I just might, if anything they’ve stated ever hinders me professionally, or causes hardship for any of my loved ones.  Hell, the mental anguish it’s caused me is enough to wanna go to court, anyhow!  I feel very much like I’ve been defamed (along the lines of Zanny the Nanny, who is suing Casey Anthony).  Honestly though, what really burns my ass is that some people actually believe this crap which is published.  It tends to be a gay, drama queen who loves anything sordid.  Thankfully though, I have great friends who know my heart, and love me, and can see through the bullshit.  🙂


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