Online Identity Theft Really Happens!

There have been times when Facebook friends have asked me, “Why don’t you ever post pictures of any of the little ones that you always talk about?”  Well, let me shed some light, on that question:  So, I spent a good majority of the day, surfing the net.  And I stumbled upon a great site called, Virtual Tourist.  It’s a place where people can post pictures and talk about their worldly travels.  People give advice and tips from their experiences, and it just looks like a really fun online community.  I decided to join the site.  But, imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was already a member!  Well, sort of (there’s a Marc Whitecotton, member since 2004, rather than Mark Whitecotton).  The thing is, when I explored Marc Whitecotton’s profile, I found old pictures, of myself, dating back to the mid-90’s!  The person’s profile-story was a combination of truth and fantasy (in regards to my real life, of which most of the information was untrue).  I’m like, “What the fuck!?!?  How did my pictures end up on there, with virtually my name (although my birthdate is incorrect)?”  This shit is creepy, and I just don’t understand who is doing this, to me, on the internet.  So, I fired off an email to the Virtual Tourist Administrator!  I hope they can resolve this without it being a dilemma (to prove my identity)!!!!  Sheesh!  Well, I’m back on this post, not even 24 hours after writing it.  That’s because the staff at Virtual Tourist were prompt in deleting this fake account!  I’m now gonna join the site.  I’d recommend that anyone, who enjoys travel, join this community!  Anyhow, click on the link to my Virtual Tourist Profile.  In closing, this is a very happy ending to a blurb about identity theft.  But, I caution folks from sharing pictures, of children, on the net.  Lord knows where those photos might end up!

The fake profile on Virtual Tourist


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