Hungover with Amy Winehouse

Mark Whitecotton, with lipstick on his shaved head.

At midnight, on my birthday, I posted on Facebook, “It’s my birthday, and almost 2 billion seconds have passed since I was born.”  When I woke up, I found that many people had left well wishes (on that thread).  It’s always nice when people do that.  Then, at about noon, I got a surprise birthday card.  It was from my Mother.  My Mom, who sustained a head injury (from a drunk driver), remembered my birthday (without anyone reminding her), for the first time since 1986.  Over the years, her writing has improved, enough, that she could write me a note.  It’s the first handwritten card/letter I’ve gotten from her since I was a child.  It made me cry.  I thought to myself, “It truly is the happiest of birthdays!”  At any rate, later in the day, I was treated to dinner by the four most important people (in my life).  They took me to Tio Pepe.  It’s this elegant restaurant that has the best Garlic Shrimp I’ve ever eaten.  It was a very intimate dinner, and a happy dining experience, which I will always treasure.  After dinner, I was hoping that the two oldest folks (dining with me) would’ve left Tio Pepe’s, with me, and joined me at an impromptu gathering (in Bel Air, Maryland).  But, they’d gotten killer tickets to the Mayhem Fest!  It was all good, so I trekked on up to Fridays.  I had made a last minute announcement (by way of Facebook) that I was gonna hang on TGIF’s patio, and drink with all those who decided to visit.  The first thing I did, when I got to Fridays, was to unload 20 bucks-worth of quarters into the jukebox.  I played every favorite song that I could find.  And for about 3 hours, that jukebox was my bitch, as I owned the music playing throughout that bar and grill!  People, at Fridays, were very flattering.  They kept telling me, “run with you’re turning 27-years-old, because you could pass for it.”  The thing is, I started drinking like I was 27-years-old!  I drank every shot that every single person bought me (which I don’t usually do, because shots make me take off my clothes)!  Plus, I had plenty of Blue Moons, with oranges.  At some point, I allowed people to write on my head, with lipstick.  I was unaware that they were using my body as an instrument to bash Amy Winehouse.  I feel a little bit bad about that!  All in all, it was one of the best birthdays, ever!  I want to thank everyone for the emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook comments, cards, gifts, wonderful food, free drinks, toasts, roasts, hugs, and laughter.  Lastly, I want to share a quote which sums up my birthday, “You know, if you hang around this earth long enough you really see how things come full circle.” – Patti Davis



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4 responses to “Hungover with Amy Winehouse

  1. I really mourn for amy, she was my idol, I wear a t-shirt withher portrait, I downloaded all her albums. I will always remember her… RIP


  2. that’s really beautiful about your mom remembering your birthday. p.s. go on w/your bad 27-year-old self!!


  3. Hey Lunch & Emigrate! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting on this thread. Lunch, I’ve been following you for a while, and love your blog. Emigrate, I’m gonna check you out. BTW, Emigrate…..I deleted your link to the torrent file, it sent you to spam when ya did that! 🙂


  4. Well, Emigrate….I’m kinda glad I deleted that torrent file. Hate to say it, but you look like a a spammer. The only post on your blog is an auto-generated WordPress post. At any rate, thanks for your thoughts.


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