The Skates I Bought

At some point, I know that I mentioned that this town I live in (Bel Air) is pretty small.  Well, when I was a child, it was even smaller.  There was absolutely nothing to do.  I mean, one could only play hide & seek, in a cornfield, so many times before they were bored.  Same with kickball in the court, and building forts in the woods, and softball in a field, and sledding down (frozen) manure-covered hills, and skateboarding to the swim club, and playing war in the sunflower fields, and playing billiards in the basement, and searching for Indian arrow heads (which we did find, sometimes), and riding our bikes to forbidden areas (like the 7-11, a mile away).  But, the one thing I looked forward to (every weekend) was going skating at Skateland.  It felt like the whole teenaged population of Harford County would show up at that place.  And then, there was the DJ.  He’d play the likes of Journey, AC/DC, Styx, Led Zeppelin, Donna Summer, Heart, The Police, and Blondie.  And, every time I hear a song from one of these artists, it takes me back to the days of Skateland.  I mean, I kissed my first girl, in a dark corner, at that joint.  Magical times, they were!  But, as the town tripled in size, big-box retailers started taking over.  And, at some point, Skateland was demolished for a new post office.  It kinda makes me mad and sad that the place no longer exists.  However, imagine my delight when I found a pair of outdoor roller skates for just $50.  I had to whip out my credit card and make that online purchase.  Now, I just patiently wait for them to arrive in the mail;  for roller skating is gonna become my new commute to work.  It may sound childish, but I’m very excited about it.  Because I can’t drive (right now), and the daily walk is getting rather boring.  So, now I can relive the past while getting a good cardio workout.  Plus, I can download all the music Skateland used to play, to give myself the full experience, while heading to work.  Now, some friends have been mocking me.  They think that I’m gonna fall on my ass, or crack my head wide open.  Well, I just think they’re jealous.  Because they have nothing but boring cars for their commute!  Plus, they have to worry about traffic, road rage, accidents, auto theft, title/tag, car payments, insurance, gas, and maintenance expenses.  I don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense!


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