I Love Care Packages

Alaskan Care Package

One of the biggest highlights of 2011 was reuniting with my brother (after not seeing him for 22 years).  He lives in Alaska.  And while he was visiting Maryland, he was buying stuff that he can’t get up in the Klondike (things like Tasty Kakes, Good & Plenty candy, Fisher’s caramel popcorn, King syrup, Berger cookies, Dolle’s salt water taffy, Utz potato chips, and Old Bay Seasoning).  I made a list (in my head) of the things he was coveting, so that I could send him care packages.  Well, imagine my surprise when he sent me a bunch of goodies as a Christmas gift (before I even got a chance to put a package together for him).  I was very touched.  In fact, I cried a little bit.  It’s the first, real, holiday gift I’ve received (from someone other than myself) since 1993.  Out of all the stuff he sent, my favorites were the coffee (Fog Riser by Alaska Coffee Roastery) and the family bible.  I googled that coffee company, up there in Alaska, and will be ordering more from them (in the future)!


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