These Days is Song of the Year

Foo Fighters

Every now and then, I’ll talk about how much fun I had during Seattle’s reign through the Grunge era.  And like many people, I mourned Kurt Cobain’s suicide.  That’s why when the Foo Fighters emerged, I wanted nothing to do with them.  I didn’t give Nirvana’s former drummer a chance to express his musical genius.  Because, in my mind, he was merely trying to profit from Nirvana’s success.  However, when “I’ll Stick Around” was released, in 1995, I was impressed.  So, I did a little digging.  I found that the Foo Fighters comprised members of one of my most favorite (underground) Seattle bands, Sunny Day Real Estate.  Throughout the rest of the 90′s and well into the new millenium, the Foo Fighters released a buttload of popular songs.  I liked most of them.  But, 2002′s “Times Like These” stood out from the rest (in my humble opinion).  Then, in 2011, the Foo Fighters released “These Days.”  I absolutely love this song.  It demonstrates how great of a songwriter Dave Grohl really is (and that the band has matured).  They’ve never sounded any better;  which is why “These Days” is my favorite song out of anything released in 2011.  And by the way, the entire album (Wasting Light) is phenomenal.  I’m not the least bit surprised over how many Grammy nominations the record has received.  But, I’m curious about those who are reading this post.  What song became your favorite of 2011?


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