Harford Transit Link

Harford Transit Link

Some of my more active readers may recall that I boasted about getting a scooter, and that I roller-skated to work.  Well, I put those commuting options on hold when I moved to Joppa.  I now live too far away from work, and the prospect of being able to drive (a car again) seems to be right around the corner.  So, I decided not to get that scooter.  Thankfully, I got it from Amazon.com (because they refunded my purchase, including shipping)!  So, just how am I getting to work these days?  I’m using Harford Transit Link (it’s Harford County’s bus service).  While it is pale in comparison to the extended hours and routes of Baltimore’s transit, Harford Link is doable (gets me to my employer for just $1).  I just wish it ran later, at night, so that I could take it after work.  These days, I rely on a taxi ($18 a pop), or a ride from a friend (costing $5-$10, depending on my bartering skills).  Anyhow, my commuting might sound costly.  But, in actuality, I’m merely using money that I used to spend on cigarettes.


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