I Miss Chatrooms

I truly miss chatrooms.  I know that they still exist.  But, their heyday has long passed, in my humble opinion.  Back before Facebook and blogging were mainstream, I used to stay connected with my East Coast friends by way of chatting.  It was really easy to do.  I’d just create a room where all of us could meet.  The room would only stay in existence until the last person exited.  And, on the first Sunday of each month, everyone would know to go to MSN Chat and look for the temporary room, “East versus West.”  It was loads of fun.  However, one day MSN closed down chat.  There were just too many trolls, sexual predators, and junk e-mailers lurking around.  Too bad our world hasn’t concocted some sort of online identification (like a social security number) to reduce the frequency of online bullying and fraud.  Then, maybe chatrooms could reclaim their prominence?


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  1. Anonymous

    I really miss chatrooms as well, internet is boring now


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