My last name in wrought iron

Mark Whitecotton

This wrought iron sign used to be at the entrance of my dad’s ranch in Texas.  It is now in my home.  I cherish it, because it is the only thing which belonged to my father that I own.  Anyhow, I’ve made it my header photo for this blog.

Chockfull o'Nuts CoffeeSince I am kind of on the topic of my father’s death, I will talk a little bit about that.  We keep loved ones alive through our memories of them.  Pretty much everyone knows that.  However, I never knew how powerful food & beverages can be in connecting with a loved one.  For example, my dad always drank Chockfull o’ Nuts coffee.  He said that the chicory in it reminded him of being in the war (which war he meant, I am not quite sure.  It could’ve been WWII or The Korean War).  At any rate, he got me hooked on  that coffee.  Every time I drink it, I connect with my dad (and I think that’s pretty cool)!


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