Reading is Fundamental

The thing with any performance is that not everyone is going to favor the same queen.  While Katya Sea Arah Synclare did not win episode 1 of the drag wars, I enjoyed her the most.  But, don't get me wrong, all of them were awesome.

The thing with any performance is that not everyone is going to favor the same Queen. While this Queen (Katja Minajzin) did not win episode 1 of the drag wars, I enjoyed her the most.  I guess because she seemed less like she was performing drag, and more like she was truly trying to be a woman.  However, I am not an expert on these things, so what do I know?  Besides, it was SUPPOSED to be a drag show!  But, don’t get me wrong, all of them were awesome in their own way.  And just so readers know, all photos (in this entry) are courtesy of Charm City Drag Wars.

The Overlea is an iconic hall which many a Baltimorean has visited for one wedding reception or another.   The last time I set foot into the Overlea was when a childhood friend got married.  My Mom and I were in separate hospitals at the time of the wedding.  We both had to get our respective medical centers to allow us to be “temporarily discharged” for the day;  so that we could attend the wedding/reception.  It was worth every second of it, as it was one of the happiest weddings I’ve ever attended.  Fast forward 30 years, and I finally stepped foot into the Overlea, again, to attend a drag show.  I sure did have one hell of a fun time!  And there will be more performances (since the one I attended was the 1st episode in an 8 part series called, “Charm City Drag Wars”).  But, do readers want to know what’s really cool?  The Overlea seems to be transforming into a cross between a cultural-activity center and a gay bar.  By the way, the Overlea is now known as Universal Nightlife & Entertainment.  B’more peeps should Facebook friend Universal to stay updated on all of their events.  Anyhow, I hope to see more of my readers there!Meet Me in St Louis, Benefit for Sue Nami, Shawn Bannon-Winthrop  9/12/13 – I am back to post a blurb from one of the guys who is at the core of all the stuff I’ve been blabbing about.  He does a much better job of concisely describing what is happening at the Overlea Event Center.  Hopefully, I didn’t confuse the hell out of people!  At any rate, this is what Shawn Bannon-Winthrop had to say,  “Hey Everyone!  I have been asked to share some of our new events happening in Baltimore.  Universal Nightlife & Entertainment, a division of Universal Catering & Events, LLC, is an event center in Baltimore diversely catering to the GLBTQ community.  They are hosting parties, such as Charm City Drag Wars, FUR (a scruffy party for men), and Charm City Country Crew.  They are not expressly gay, but considering that most of the employees are gay and the owner is bi-sexual … you get the point.  You can also check out the website.”


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  1. Wow! – thanks for the write-up ! I’m personally glad to know you enjoyed the performances as much as we enjoyed entertaining everyone


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