A Picture Story about Gay 2013

seneca-falls-stonewall-and-selma-obama-inaugurationDo people realize how phenomenal of a year it has been for gays?  It almost feels like a game of Dominoes, where that first tile falls and everything else follows suit.  Sometimes, I wonder if this is how African-Americans felt when their civil rights were given back to them.  President Obama sure gets it.  I mean, did people listen to his Second Inauguration Address?

the-boy-scouts-gaysLike virtually every other gay person, I was ecstatic when SCOTUS ruled in favor of Edie Windsor.  Do people remember where they were when it happened?  I was sleeping.  But, I did celebrate at Mixers Bar in Baltimore, Maryland.  Honestly though, I was worried that we would lose this fight with the Supreme Court.  But, I always knew that Justice Ginsburg was on our side.justice-ginsburg, Gay Marriage

Pentagon extends benefits, including marriage leave, to same-sex military families.

Pentagon extends benefits, including marriage leave, to same-sex families.

star-wars-gay-equality (1)One thing is for sure, social media played a huge role in proselytizing gay rights (for and against).  And on the day that the SCOTUS ruling came down, Facebook went viral with celebratory icons from HRC.
The New Yorker, Bert & Ernie

IRS will recognize gay marriages for tax purposes

macklemore-ryan-lewis-same-loveIn 2013, music also exploded with gay themes, lyrics, and imagery.  My favorite is a country song by the ever-so-hot Steve Grand, who has become a gay icon:


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  1. Kevin

    Thanks for posting this. After the election I posted my reaction, saying that the WWII Generation is always referred to as the Greatest; I believe differently, our generation has seen so much change a lot we helped bring about…an end to an unpopular war, so many social changes not just within the gay community but across all spectrum’s of our society, we have weathered defeats and unrest and we always seem to striving for that ‘more perfect union’. I believe what sets us apart is that we don’t want to ever settle, nor go back. Again thanks for the post.


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