Barely Used Consignments on Main Street

Storefront image of Barely Used Consignments on Main Street.  Every month, the shop highlights a local-area artist. Exhibit events are FUN and are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Follow on Facebook

Every month, Barely Used Consignments highlights a local artist.  Exhibit events are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  While shopping at the boutique, be sure to pick up their calendar of upcoming events & workshops.

It has been over 2 years since I blogged about my friend’s consignment business.  It is no longer called Everything Goes Consignments.  It is now called Barely Used Consignments on Main Street, and it is located at 8 North Main Street – Bel Air, MD – 21014.  The new location is much larger.  Now bigger pieces, like couches and grandfather clocks, can be displayed and sold (alongside all of the clothing, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, art, books, shoes, purses, equestrian, and household items).  But, this is what Tianna had to say about her new space, “when I mentioned I was moving to the Lutz building, everyone commented about how much more space we’d have for things.  However, I was more excited about the EVENTS!  Having people in and out – lounging, leaning, talking, sharing – makes the space feel warm and homey.  I love it.”  And I love seeing my old, high school friend so happy.  She is doing what she loves, and is finding success with it.  In fact, she has a 2nd, similar business too:  East Coast Estate Sale Services.  I wish her continued good fortune at her new location (and I will be by to visit).  By the way, If you’re interested in consigning, call the boutique and set up an appointment (410-893-7460).

Stuff I bought from Barely Used Consignments in Bel Air, MarylandIt is 7/13/14, and here I am, again, on this entry.  Because I went to Harford County for a doctor’s appointment.  Since I was in Bel Air, I decided to visit Tianna at  her shop.  I ended up buying these Baltimore photos (by Kathleen Kline, who is July’s featured artist at Tianna’s store), a cool box clock, and three bells.  The funny part is that we were so busy catching up on each other’s lives that I walked out without paying.  I’m glad I realized this before my two hour ride home.  By the way, Barely Used Consignments is quite the epicenter of Bel Air’s Main Street (in my opinion).  Every patron seemed to know Tianna by her first name;  and that was the bulk of our conversation (the discussion about keeping shopping local).

By appointment only.  Available 7 days a week, 10am-6pm.  To schedule a bridal appointment, please contact us via either of the following: 1. Facebook Message 2. Email: 3. Phone:  410-836-6181

Located within the Barely Used Consignments building at 8 North Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland.  Available, by appointment, 7 days a week, 10am-6pm.  Contact via either of the following:
1. Facebook Message
2. Email:
3. Phone: 410-836-6181

On October 17, 2014, Tianna Alves posted some exciting updates about her business:  “One of the reasons Barely Used was moved to a larger space was to allow for other entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit organizations to have the opportunity to launch their businesses, sell their products, and talk about their cause.  To date, Barely Used has contributed by fundraising, donations, and special events to various schools, churches, civic organizations, and over 30 non-profits in the local area.  Our gallery and the space that we dedicate throughout the shop has helped numerous artists showcase- and sell – their creations, as well as connect with others in the community.  We’ve held plays, workshops, classes, and informational sessions led by business owners who needed a place to spread the word about what they offer.  Now, while continuing to do the aforementioned, we are focusing on opening up more of the area for others to start or expand their business.  Till Dress Do Us Part is the first start-up to have partnered at Barely Used.  There was so much interest from others that I’ve decided to allocate a large section of the store to other businesses who need a “mini” shop.  Please note that the consignment option has not changed for individuals who wish to continue to do so.  In the next few weeks, be on the lookout for more artists, furniture options, antiques, and vintage clothing and textiles on hand at the store.  If you or someone you know is interested in space, please private message me.  I am excited about the direction Barely Used is heading and the positive impact these changes will have to the community.  KEEP IT LOCAL!  SHOP SMALL!  SUPPORT THE ARTS!  BE KIND!

We are creating new things like this handmade

We are creating new things like this handmade “Lucky” sign. New creations by Shabtastic Style and Seaside Chic!

Well, Tianna has wasted no time.  It has only been a week, and she updated her Facebook page with this announcement:  “Space is filling up!  Welcome to The Rustic Peddler. Shabtastic Style, Seaside Chic, ErikawithaK Vintage, and others are moving in within the week.  I am specifically looking for someone who wants to carry a bath/beauty line at the shop, as well as a sportswear section, and a pet goods (collars, leashes, bowls, toys, bones, etc.).  We are still consigning!  We are booked daily for the next month, but will be accepting appointments for December dates starting on November 15th.  What do we accept?  Clothing in EXCEPTIONAL condition that is less than 3 years old and preferably with tags, designer handbags, shoes/boots, outerwear – including hats, mittens, scarves, locally produced art, handmade items, books, vinyls-dvds-cds, antiques and uniques, mid-century modern pieces, Longaberger, Pampered Chef, pottery, vintage toys and games, lighting, and in-demand furniture (dressers, chest of drawers, servers, end tables, coffee tables, side tables that have no issues).


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