Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Broom's Bloom Dairy at 1700 South Fountain Green Road - Bel Air, MD - 21015 (410) 399-COWS

Broom’s Bloom Dairy at 1700 South Fountain Green Road – Bel Air, MD – 21015 * (410) 399-COWS

I’m not gonna lie, this whole government shutdown thing is annoying (especially since it directly impacts my household).  But, it is important to remain positive.  That’s why I was thrilled to see an old, high school friend (who owns Broom’s Bloom Dairy) post this on Facebook:  “If you are a furloughed government employee, come in and show your I.D. today and get a free small ice cream.  Commiserating over ice cream is always a good idea.”  What a thoughtful thing to do.  Don’t readers think?  If you’ve never been to Broom’s Bloom Dairy, you really should make the trek up to Bel Air, Maryland.  They feature old fashioned ice cream as well as artisan cheese and pork sausage.  They also provide locally produced lamb, beef, free-range eggs, seasonal vegetables, and cut flowers.  And, the setting for this magnificent gem, in Harford County, is breathtaking.  Heck, let me know when you’re going, and we can meet up!

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Bee on a Sunflower

Bee on a Sunflower

The above photo of the beautiful Sunflower fields, on the property of Broom’s Bloom Dairy, inspired me to drive up to Jarrettsville to check out the fields in Northern Harford County.  With the 70′s temperatures, crisp breeze, and perfect, blue skies, it was well worth the trip.  I even took the dog with me!  I think that Harford County residents should turn their Sunflower fields into a festival.  Seriously, because so many folks go to look at them.  It is all the locals talk about (on Facebook) every Autumn, and people post so many beautiful pictures.  I even went out of my way and added a review (for Harford County’s Sunflowers) on Yelp.  Maybe that will help to get the word out?  And honestly, Broom’s Bloom Dairy would make the perfect setting for a Sunflower Festival.  Well, I revisited this post on November 1, 2013.  Because I just read that Yelp users voted Broom’s Bloom Dairy as Harford County’s best eatery!

By the way, Broom’s Bloom Dairy has unique advertisements on Facebook:

Dead Sunflower Zombies
I am back on this entry to add a snapshot of an update that I posted on Facebook.  It seems that I am not the only one who thinks Broom’s Bloom rocks:

Broom's Bloom Dairy voted by Huffington Post as one of the top 10 ice cream shops in America!

Brroms Bloom Ice CreamHmmmmm!  As if live shows, Sunflower fields, ice cream, sandwiches, seafood, and enough room for a private party wasn’t enough…..Brooms Bloom is now offering ice cream pies for Thanksgiving, 2014!  They have Pumpkin, Cookies and Cream, Graham Cracker Cake Batter, Apple Spice, Orange Cranberry, Chocolate Chip and Dirt ice cream pies.  People must order by Nov 23rd;  and can pick them up on Nov 25th or 26th.  $18.00 serves 8-10.  Yummy!


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