From Black Sabbath to Austin City Limits

Mark Tokach

Mark Tokach

In continuation of stories about people I know, who are living their dream, I want to talk about Mark Tokach.  Mark and I hung out in the late 70’s into the early 1980’s.  We spent a lot of our free time playing arcade games on the Atari 2600 console.  To this day, he swears that he usually kicked my ass at Space Invaders (I know that not to be true).  Mark and I also formed a band (with another guy named Marc).  We played mostly covers of Ozzy, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC.  We were actually a pretty damned good band (for middle school boys).  But, Mark stood out from me and the other Marc.  He was just too damned good on the guitar.  He went on to receive a degree in music, and now calls Texas his home.  He is the Guitarist for Charlie Robison, and also teaches guitar lessons at Bulverde Academy of Music (as well as teaching guitar to people through online courses).  Anyhow, my favorite Charlie Robison song, with Mark on guitar, is a cover song by Elton John:


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