Barks & Blooms Dog Walking Company

Pet Sitter * Dog Walker * Dog Training 3500 Ash Street (in Hampden), Baltimore, Maryland 21211 - (410) 243-BARK.

Pet Sitter * Dog Walker * Dog Training * Daycare 3500 Ash Street (in Hampden), Baltimore 21211 Like them on Facebook!  (410) 243-BARK.

When Lincoln died in 2011, I wrote a story about how I helped prepare a feast to feed the 100’s of mourners.  What I didn’t go into much detail about was where the funeral was held:  Mountain Christian Church.  Because that day when I went to Lincoln’s viewing, at the church, marked the first time that I had set foot on Mountain Christian’s campus in over 30 years.  A long, long time ago, I attended their lower school.  In fact, I was in the 1st graduating 8th grade class from Mountain Christian.  There were only 8 of us in our class, and we were very tight-knit.  But, unfortunately we lost touch, as we all seemed to flock to different schools (only 1 of my 8 classmates ended up at John Carroll with me).  I mean, there wasn’t any Facebook back then.  Hell, there wasn’t even the internet or cell phones!  But, do readers want to know what is really cool?  Lincoln brought one of my Mountain Christian classmates back into my life.  How?  Well, he was friends with my former classmate’s children (on Facebook); and one day, out of the blue, we crossed paths on the internet.  And, like many of my friends & loved ones, she is living her vocational dream.  She has partnered up with a group of folks and has created a dog-walking & dog daycare business.  Now, that is a profession which truly pulls at my heartstrings.  I wish her nothing but continued success, and look forward to reconnecting with her, more, as time goes by!  But, keep in mind that her business doesn’t just cater to dogs.  They strive to care for all (or, at least most) of people’s beloved pets.

Check it out for yourself!


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  1. Sandy

    Aw, thanks, Mark! Love ya. We have to meet for that drink before you move away.


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