Spirit of Christ Community Church

A Church where all people matter to Christ.

My friend founded a Church where all people matter to Christ.

Over the years that this blog has been in existence, I have talked about Chicken Soup Brigade.  I’ll give people a Reader’s Digest version of that organization, to get folks up to speed:  Chicken Soup Brigade was a non-profit which provided services (food delivery, homecare, transportation) to people living with AIDS in the Seattle metropolitan area.  I was a case manager for CSB, and my region was the Eastside; which is the wealthy suburbs of Seattle (where Microsoft is located and all of the millionaires that went along with it).  And while Seattle is a very gay city, I found the largest percentage of closet cases (who were living with AIDS) to be living on the Eastside.  I guess there’s something about wealth and Republicanism, or something.  Because Seattle is super-duper liberal except for the Republican Eastside.  But I am digressing.  None of this talk about the Eastside has anything to do with why I am writing this post.  I want to talk about David Strong.  David moved from Minneapolis to work at Chicken Soup Brigade.  He and I hit it off from the get go.  I tried my best to show him all the wonderful things about Seattle.  But honestly, he did a great job of figuring things out for himself.  David has always been a very spiritual person.  And religion & spirituality just scares the heck out of me.  So, there were times when I would stare at him, and think to myself, “How can you be so flipping gay and talk about God so much?”  I just didn’t get it.  I mean, my experiences with religion and God involved a priest trying to molest the gay out of me.  So, whenever I encountered a religious queer, I cringed.  But, with David I felt safe.  Many years later into our friendship, I found myself going through one of the most difficult times in my life.  I was in a depression that was so deep that I was beyond suicidal.  I was simply dead, walking amongst the living.  I just couldn’t cope with the violence I experienced at my workplace.  An act which left my boss, 2 of my buddies, and the perpetrator dead.  Then, to add insult to injury, the hospital decided to close my entire department down.  So, I was grieving and unemployed; which was not a good combination for this lost soul.  Well, David picked right up on my sadness.  I remember very clearly the day he arrived, unexpectedly, at my place.  He buzzed and buzzed and buzzed my doorbell, and I hid.  Then he waited for someone else to let him into the building.  Once he got into my place, he found me sitting in the dark, with all blinds drawn, chain-smoking.  He opened all the blinds, grabbed my hand, and said, “Come on, we’re getting out of this house and having some fun.”  He latched onto me.  He understood what I was going through, even though I never shared a single word about what I was feeling or experiencing.  That’s why I love the guy so much.  And, like so many of my friends, he is living his dream, too.  He started his own church in Tacoma, Washington; and I couldn’t be any happier for him.  I am so glad he’s still in my life, despite the fact that I no longer live in Seattle.


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