Forever and Ever, Amen

Me as Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

Me as Duck Dynasty.

This year, I am gung-ho about Halloween.  But, I think my discomfort with wearing eyeglasses really held me back.  I don’t know if people know that I became blind as a bat in 2013.  I’ve been wearing glasses for under a year, and it has taken a lot for me to get used to them.  And, I’m just not sure if I’ll ever feel comfortable wearing contacts.  So, when I started thinking of costumes, I became frustrated.  Because this mask wouldn’t fit over my glasses, and that costume just didn’t look right with someone wearing glasses, etc (I know, I know!  Hand me a pacifier because I am whining like a baby).  Well, I decided to make my glasses work for me, and went searching for television characters who wore them.  That brought me to Duck Dynasty.  That was my costume for tonight’s Charm City Drag Wars.  Of course, I chickened out and removed my outfit right before all the costumed contestants were called to the middle of the dance floor.  And, as far as glasses go, at one point I set them on the table.  That was a big mistake.  Because I mistook someone I was talking to as being a completely different person who happened to be much older.  Talk about uncomfortable (for both of us)!  But, he was gracious and laughed it off.

The talented Marshall Roberts

The talented Marshall Roberts.

Anyhow, the promoters at Universal Nightlife & Entertainment banged out another awesome evening of fun.  And, there is something to be said about putting one’s wishes out to the universe.  Ernie Thornton did that when he made his desire known that he was searching for, “Go Go Boys, Queens, Burlesque Entertainers, Guest Judges for Charm City Drag Wars, and a really Hot Santa.”  Well, he ended up with some incredible entertainers who performed during intermissions.  I was particularly enamored and impressed with Marshall Roberts.  I’ve never seen a guy move like that.  He is gifted, and a joy to watch.  In fact, my friend Rik and I came to the same agreement that we would crack our skulls wide open if we had ever attempted even one of his moves.  Seriously folks, all I can say is, “This guy (Marshall Roberts) dances with his soul.  He shares his essence with his audience, and it is beautiful to watch, observe, and witness.”

Tonights judges:  Ada Buffet, Ricky Burke, and Revlon

Tonight’s judges: Ada Buffet, Ricky Burke, and Danielle Revlon.  They were all dressed up for Halloween at the third episode of The Charm City Drag Wars (this photo is courtesy of Ricky Burke, as it was posted publicly on Facebook).

As far as the actual drag war, there was a presence which was greatly missed.  This judge’s absence is due to the fact that he (Scott Davies) accepted a gig with Baltimore’s New Country 106.1, and everyone wishes him the best of luck.  Ada Buffet is the backbone of the judges, in my humble opinion, and it appears the others are a team of rotating talents.  I personally thought that Rik Newton-Treadway brought a lot of expertise to the table; as he seemed to look at things from a different angle.  But, I have no complaints about any of the judges.  Heck, I’m just there to watch some good performances, flirt with eye candy, kick back some beers, laugh a little, and make some new friends!  I’m easy like that!  At any rate, the winner of the third Drag War is Johnny Starr.  I had the pleasure of seeing her prepare for her next act.  She had some guys sewing pieces of fabric to her ass, and I had no choice but to feel all three of them up.  Well, because they didn’t leave any room for me to squeeze through, while I was leaving the bathroom!  It was all in good fun, and congratulations to Johnny Starr.

Episode 3 winner – Johnny Starr (photo courtesy of Don Twine).

Episode 3 winner – Johnny Starr (photo courtesy of Don Twine).

I once wrote a story that I only owned one thing of my Dad's (a wrought iron sign).  But, I was mistaken.  I also inherited these boots from him.  He only wore them when he took my Momma out dancing.  So, I won't wear them until I have a man, of my own, to dance with (forever & ever).

I once wrote a story that I only owned one thing of my Dad’s (a wrought iron sign). But, I was mistaken. I also inherited these boots from him. He only wore them when he took my Momma out dancing. So, I won’t wear them until I have a man, of my own, to dance with (Forever and Ever, Amen).

Well, readers may’ve noticed that I’ve blabbed (a lot) about Charm City Drag Wars, but haven’t said much about Charm City Country Crew.  That’s not because Charm City Country Crew’s event was lackluster, in the least.  It was simply due to the fact that I have a bad case of gout, at the moment.  Cowboy boots and gout don’t fair well together.  But, that didn’t stop me from gawking at the lovely ladies dancing, and the guys swinging their junk and trunks to the sway of the country tunes.  Shawn Bannon-Winthrop has a great concept going on, with his sidekick, DJ NAN.  Baltimore has been sorely missing a country venue ever since Stagecoach closed over a decade ago.  Anyhow, I can’t wait for next month’s 4th episode of the Drag Wars.  And, I’m putting on my gear for the next Country Crew event.  I will be searching for dance partners.  Don’t be shy, guys.  Come dance with me!  So, come on out to the Overlea Event Center on every 4th Friday to enjoy both events for $10.  But, keep in mind that there’s more going on at Universal Nightlife & Entertainment than just their 4th Friday events!


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  1. aww– thanks Mark ! BTW I too am Blind as a bat ( w/o my glasses ! )


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