Boglen Terrier

Smiling Boglen TerrierI bet some folks are saying to themselves, “What the hell is a Boglen Terrier?”  Well, a Boglen Terrier is the name given to the breeding between a Beagle and a Boston Terrier.  And, out of the 6 dogs I’ve owned, my Boglen is the best pet I’ve ever had!  Why?  Well, there are so many reasons.  First of all, it comes down to his disposition.  My 5-year-old gets along with all people, regardless of age.  He loves to play with humans and other animals.  But, he also knows when to chill (and take a nap).  Secondly, while he is half Beagle, he never barks!  Plus, he was extremely easy to house train!  He was a great puppy, in general.  Although, my only gripe is that he did like to chew things, and that was an issue up to about the age of a year (I just crated him when I wasn’t home).  He has quite a nose on him, and will chase deer and rabbits if given the opportunity.  That’s why I always walk him on a leash, or keep him in a fenced yard.  Because the booger’s super-fast.  When he scents something, he’ll sprint and will be hundreds of feet away (in a matter of seconds).  I’m truly amazed at how fast he can run!  Now, he doesn’t try to attack (or kill) what he’s chasing!  He only wants to play.  Like I said before:  he gets along with all animals (including the 2 house cats he’s had as companions).  Oh!  One more thing!  I’ve had absolutely no health issues with my dog (knock on wood).  That’s something I can’t say about my previous pets.  And when I search online, I don’t see where other Boglen owners are having any issues (and that’s a good thing).  Anyhow, probably my most favorite trait, of my Boglen Terrier, is that he smiles!  He’s a keeper, and I plan on getting the same breed for the rest of my life.  I mean, what reader wouldn’t want a dog that tries to be a lapdog (but isn’t), licks his balls, and sometimes lets out a feral snort (like a piglet)?  Now, excuse me while I go cuddle with my dog!

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“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” – Gene Hill


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2 responses to “Boglen Terrier

  1. Vanessa

    Where did you find your boglen terrier? We would like one for our family. We live in Baltimore area. Thanks!


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