The Waynesboro Theatre

Waynesboro Theatre - 75 West Main Street - (717) 762-7879

Waynesboro Theatre * 13 West Main Street * Waynesboro, Pa. * (717) 762-0397

There was a time when every downtown had a cinema.  The smalltown where I grew up had one.  Unfortunately, it disappeared sometime in the 1980’s.  Well, one of my most favorite things about Waynesboro is their single screen cinema.  It is rare to see such a gem in the new millennium.  At any rate, imagine my delight when I realized that The Waynesboro Theatre is being renovated.  The upgrade will be completed in the Fall of 2015.  I can’t wait to make it a ritual of seeing movies there;  just like I did in my hometown, as a child.  I wonder what film will be shown on the theatre’s inaugural night???  An even better question, “Will I have a date, or go solo?”


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