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Lowe’s Home Improvement – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Think it's wild that my footprints, from walking Cino at 3 this morning, are the only thing that didn't melt (on the sidewalk).

This winter has been frigid.  And even though we haven’t had a lot of precipitation, whenever we have had rain/sleet/snow, it has taken a long time for it to melt.  In this picture, I find it wild that my footprints are the only thing that didn’t melt (on the sidewalk).

My refrigerator died on 1/20/15.  I bought a new one online, and it was set up to be delivered from the Lowe’s in Waynesboro, PA.  On the delivery day, we had just finished having the biggest snowfall of this season (so far).  Schools and services were closed throughout Franklin County (where I live).  I expected Lowe’s to cancel their delivery because of the weather.  I was bummed by the thought of rescheduling.  Because being without a refrigerator for 4 weeks is extremely inconvenient;  especially with the long hours that I work.  Well, imagine my surprise when I was awakened by the sound of a delivery truck outside.  They got my fridge set up quickly and efficiently;  and actually took the time to pet/acknowledge my very curious dog.  Waynesboro Lowe’s has earned themselves a loyal customer!


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