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Amazon to the Rescue

Samsonite SuitcaseFolks, I’m a huge fan of  Things get shipped without a hitch, and returning items is relatively hassle-free, also (I’ve only returned one item.  A pair of shoes, which were butt ugly.  Don’t know what I was thinking.  But, I returned them, and they reimbursed me for shipping too)!  Well, today I want to brag about my latest purchase:  a suitcase.  I can’t believe I reached the ripe, old age of 40-something, and have never owned a nice suitcase until now!  My previous suitcase I bought (for like $20, in 1991) at Kmart.  It was a piece-of-shit from the get go, but it served its’ purpose.  However, it was beginning to look very run down, and it smelled like cigarettes!  The thought of putting my clothes in it was no longer an option.  I did not want my clothes smelling like smoke.  It’s so funny, to me, that I never noticed how much that old suitcase stank until I became an ex-smoker.  And, since I was planning a trip to the Eastern Shore, I knew it was due time for new luggage.  Amazon came to the rescue.  I got this beauty, as seen in the picture, and shipping was free.  Man, I love my new suitcase.  The moment I pulled it out of the box, I got the instant feeling that I was finally all grown up!  It’s perfect for a 3-5 day trip, and is small enough to fit in overhead storage on a plane (which saves a lot of money when traveling with just a carry-on).  Being a guy, it’s all the suitcase I will probably ever need.  But, I did bookmark some of the other suitcases, in order to (someday) have a matching set.  The thing about Amazon is that it’s good for more than just a suitcase!  I saved a shit-ton of money on products for my dog.  For example, I’ve been spending $55 at Target for a 3 month supply of Frontline.  I just bought a 12 month supply, on Amazon, for $99, plus free shipping.  That saved me $120!  Also, I purchased 6 replacement heads for my toothbrush (plus free shipping) for just $50.  That’s a savings of $35 for what I would’ve paid at Target!  Amazon is also good for digital music.  Most of my collection has been purchased through them;  except for The Beatles (they don’t seem to sell their mp3’s anywhere but on iTunes).  Anyhow, check out Amazon.  It’s worth the time and money!


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