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Baltimore is the largest city and cultural center of the U.S. state of Maryland. Founded in 1729, Baltimore is a major U.S. seaport and is situated closer to major Midwestern markets than any other major seaport on the East Coast. After a decline in manufacturing, Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy. Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital are now the city’s largest employers. As of 2009, the population of Baltimore was 637,418. The Baltimore Metropolitan Area has approximately 2.7 million residents; the 20th largest in the country. Baltimore is also the largest city in the surrounding associated statistical area of approximately 8.4 million residents; comprising DC-Baltimore. Anyhow, below are all of my postings about Baltimore:

Ada Buffet

Ada BuffetLooking back on 2013, I’m realizing that it was my breakout year.  What I mean is that I finally reached the point where I said to myself, “the friends and boyfriend aren’t going to appear by themselves.  I’ve got to go out there and bring it into my world.”  It’s just that the past few years I’ve been bogged down with being a caretaker, and working a full time job, as well.  Somewhere along the way, I think I lost myself.  But, guess what?  There was a major catalyst that somehow catapulted me out of my rut, and that was Charm City Drag Wars & Chesapeake Country Crew.  I don’t know how those events did what needed to be done for myself, but it did.  One of the many wonderful people I befriended at these events is Ada Buffet.  She is the sitting judge of the drag queens who compete at Charm City Drag Wars.  From the moment I met her, I was a fan!  And, I was saddened to find out that Ada is in a coma.  I know the angst that her fiance and family are feeling.  I’ve been there with my Mother.  I truly can empathize with all of the emotions that come along when dealing with a loved one in a coma.  What is beautiful, though, is that many different Baltimore communities have taken action on Ada’s behalf.  They are raising funds to pay for her medical bills.  If people can help out, they should consider making a donation.  Of course, prayers are always welcome, too.

December 18,1976 - February 28th 2014

12/18/76 – 2/28/14

I am saddened to be back on this post, only to announce that Ada Buffet (Adrian Cowan) has died.  Ada is everyone’s loss;  especially in the gay community, where she contributed so much.  Folks should still consider donating money to help with medical and funeral expenses.  At any rate, readers may want to take a moment and watch the tribute video of Ada Buffet.  Baltimore truly has lost a shining light.  RIP, Ada.  Thank you for coming into my life for the very short period of time that you did.  I will always remember you, and your spirit will live on whenever a web surfer comes to this story.  XOXOXO

Patterson Park, Baltimore

Patterson Park, Baltimore

Just wanted to let my readers know that a celebration of Ada’s life will take place on March 23rd at The Quest Bar.  It will be from 4p – 8p.  The Quest Bar is located at 3607 Fleet Street, 21224.  It is within walking distance of Baltimore’s beautiful Patterson Park.  I intend to take a stroll around the park’s Pagoda while thinking of happy times & experiences that I had with Ada.  XOXOXO


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