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A Latte Enjoy and Cafe2go_pr

At the Plim Plaza Hotel - Ocean City, Maryland - 21842.

Plenty of outdoor seating at A Latte Enjoy on 2nd Street – Ocean City, Maryland – 21842.

Lord knows that I love coffee.  Well, the next time you’re walking down Ocean City’s boardwalk, be sure to visit my cousin’s coffee shop, A Latte Enjoy.  It is located on 2nd street and is a storefront within the Plim Plaza Hotel.  They have the widest variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, and espresso based beverages at the beach.  All of their coffee and espresso is locally roasted so you can have the freshest cup of coffee in Ocean City.  And, like the majority of local businesses, the shop closes down for the winter.  And wintertime is when my Cousin treks his whole family to a remote part of Puerto Rico to enjoy a simpler life (yes, I am jealous).  By the way, his brother also has his own business; and I will be blogging about him too.

My Cousin Surfing in Puerto Rico

My Cousin Surfing in Puerto Rico

Cafe 2 Go Puerto RicoHmmmm.  I guess my Cousin thought I wasn’t jealous enough of his extended stays in Puerto Rico.  Because he had to take it a step further and open up a coffee shop down there too!  In all seriousness, I couldn’t be happier for him!  If you live in or are visiting Puerto Rico, check out Cafe2go_pr.  It is a mobile coffee shop that quickly delivers the best drinks on the island.


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