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Noticing the Benefits of Ex-Smoking

Cino and Samson

Last week, I posted (on Facebook) that I was looking for people to dog sit.  Two great prospects commented on that thread.  Then, I came down with a cold.  I had to put my travel plans on hold.  I just couldn’t take the risk of visiting a family member, with a cold, when she was going through chemotherapy.  Well, on Saturday (the day that we were to leave for our trip), I felt pretty well.  I attribute my quick recovery to the fact that I’m now an ex-smoker.  In the past, colds lingered and always went down to my chest.  This time, it just stayed in my head, and then went away.  Anyhow (now that the cold was gone), it was too short-of-notice for me to be searching for my friends, to see if they were still interested in dog-sitting.  So, I reluctantly went to PetSmart.  Folks, I was amazed with their services, and how reasonably priced they were.  I’d recommend it to any cat or dog owner.  I expected my dog to be sad and angry when I picked him up.  But, he was in great spirits.  I will be using their services again!  At any rate, I was elated that I was able to make the trip.  It’s amazing the kind of bonding one can do with someone who is going through cancer.  All kinds of family-related conversations came to the surface, and it helped all of us evolve (and become closer).  It was an awesome, extended weekend;  and a Ravens win was icing on the cake!


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