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Everytime I try to get on the netbook, to type a blog entry, my dog gets in the way!

Howdy!  Why don’t people tell me about themselves?  This would encourage  me to post more creative entries than what blog lurkers have seen.


10 responses to “Sign Guest Book

  1. Michele

    Not just your lap, your crotch !!!!

    I think you like his nose down there- his nose between your thighs makes your hairy …. forget it …


  2. Happily landed here via Tag Surfer. Thanks for the laughs.


  3. very funny post about blog lurkers, its a massive annoyance!


  4. wavensongz

    Just maybe they don’t tell you about themselves because they feel their lives are not worth writing about. But I feel like Beauty it is in the Eye of the Beholder. You could just be the person to wake them up to what they can or already have given to the rest of the World. Good Luck on that One. 😉


  5. Wonderful Blog about your life…Will be back!


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