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Sailabration and Gay Pride

This past weekend, in Baltimore, was Sailabration and Gay Pride.  Sailabration, an event which marks the 200th anniversary of The War of 1812, was all over the news.  Baltimore’s Gay Pride didn’t get any coverage, whatsoever.  That’s the difference between Baltimore and Seattle.  Seattle is just so much more liberal (Gay Pride is always big news there).  At any rate, I’m not disputing that Sailabration shouldn’t have been big news.  I mean, an event marking a bicentennial is a pretty big deal!  But, I do think that my photo (from a visit when the tall ships visited in 2000) is much more stunning than any of the images, I’ve seen, of the tall ships (currently) visiting Baltimore.  I attribute this to the fact that I was able to take the picture at the location where Inner Harbor East now exists.  In 2000, Inner Harbor East was a bunch of lots.  Now, tall buildings are there;  and they obstruct what I captured within this image.


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